Fabre . Marketing Session

Hey….professionals…I’m talking to you! Are you still using a facebook profile picture or selfie to show off your business? Could you not!?? You know what your clients want to see? YOU. You being you. Having a good time and being comfortable in your own skin. Your real smile.

But…uh….Simone….I am SO awkward in front of the camera. Dude. Do you know how many times a day I hear that? We ALL feel that way, I assure you. But head over to the studio, or let me come to you!, and show you how amazing you are.

Marketing sessions are amazing to update your headshots, give you some good content for your facebook, insta, or any other social media outlet that your clients are looking for you. Show your community YOU - and not some cheesy or bad lighting version of you.

Like this smooooking leader. She totally rocked her marketing session and you can too. Let’s have a drink, turn on some JT, and have an amazing time.

Simone LaCour