Brown . Newborn Portrait

Hey y’all! If you’ve been following along….I suck at blogging. I committed this summer to get my shiz together. Opps…. if you don’t know me well, I love Jesus, but I say shiz. I won’t say shiz to your kids, but they arn’t reading this!! (everyone who has offered to blog for me and happens to read this is now shaking their heads in disapproval of my horrible blogging approach….)

Anyway! I spent the majority of last night throwing a few favorite sessions from the last year on the good ole blog - and I will continue to do so! - while we still highlight what is actually going on over at ILP. So here is a little sweetness for your Tuesday afternoon….the totally adorable Brown Family and their baby girl! Super glad this family is one of my baby planners and I get to hang out with them A LOT this year - because they are awesome! I really enjoyed our Newborn Portrait Session at our downtown Beaumont studio. There was lots of family loving, some throw backs to big brothers newborn session, and of course lots of loving for little sister. I have come to the conclusion that A. this family is just too perfect and cute and B. sister was born for the beautiful red color we put her on….


Simone LaCour