Truncali . Family Portrait

Okay…..this family is the real deal. Not only are they good friends of ours, but Jo is a kick-ass lady boss, who is married to this incredible man who loves her and those baby boys with all this heart, and together they are raising some amazing boys.

People, doing good work, loving life, and raising good kids. Is there anything more important in life? Nope. This is literally what makes the world go round.

So about this session….I feel like Jo and I planned and dreamed of this session for a while. They have had quite a few amazing sessions so far, so the bar was set pretty high. They killed it. Literally. There was so much laughter and love. So much joy. So many real moments. It made my heart so happy.

So enjoy….and yes this blog is BIIIGG because I literally included all their images. All. All ga-zillion of them. Because this is the magic that can happen at your session too.

Simone LaCour